Posted by MadeAtUni Campaign On 6 December 2018

UK universities are at the forefront of some of the most exciting discoveries and pioneering changes of the 21st century, but many people think that all they do is teach. That’s why universities across the UK are joining forces to launch a major campaign – MadeAtUni – to bring to life the impact universities up and down the country have on people, communities and lives.

To launch this campaign Universities UK has compiled a list of the UK’s Best Breakthroughs. From pioneering health discoveries and technological innovations to environmental initiatives, community projects and contributions to art, culture and sport, the list brings to life the many ways universities are improving our everyday lives.

Recent research carried out by Britain Thinks on behalf of Universities UK, shows the public are overwhelmingly proud of the UK’s universities. However, the same study made it clear that many people remain unaware of the work and projects that are undertaken on our shores and further afield that are improving our everyday lives and enriching our world – but they want to know more. The aim of the MadeAtUni campaign is to shift perceptions of British universities and demonstrate the positive impact that they are having around the UK.


“Universities transform lives. The technology we use every day, the medicines that save lives, the teachers who inspire – all come from UK universities. But many people think of our universities as just places of study.  The MadeAtUni campaign aims to change this. We want to bring to life the everyday impact that universities have on people, lives and communities in every part of the UK.”  - Dame Janet Beer, President, Universities UK

The list captures the depth and breadth of the impact of universities and demonstrates how they are at the forefront of some of the world’s most important discoveries, innovations and social initiatives, including the creation of the internet, work tackling plastic pollution, ultrasound scans to check the health of unborn babies and the establishment of the Living Wage.

The list also highlights the less celebrated breakthroughs that transform lives, including a specially-designed bra to help women undergoing radiotherapy; a toilet that flushes human waste without the need for water; the development of a new scrum technique to make rugby safer; a sports initiative that aims to use football to resolve conflict in divided communities; – and even work to protect the quality of the chocolate we eat.

Whether you’re already engaged with the higher education sector, or the contribution of UK universities supports your work in some way, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the vast and varied impact of UK universities and support the MadeAtUni campaign. Please show your support on social media with #MadeAtUni and get in touch if you would like any more information about the campaign. Plus look out for future work with the APPUG and save the date – 20th March!